3 Interesting Facts About Zacchaeus in the Bible

In the Bible, Zacchaeus is a man who was short of stature and a chief tax collector. He was also very wealthy.

Here are 3 interesting facts about him:

  1. The Jews despised Zacchaeus because he was a tax collector. Tax collectors were considered to be traitors because they collected taxes for the Roman government. The Romans were the oppressors of the Jewish people.
  2. Even though Zacchaeus was not a Jew, he had heard about Jesus and wanted to see him. He was probably curious about this man who had such a following among the people. When Zacchaeus climbed into a tree to get a better view of Jesus, Jesus stopped and spoke to him.
  3. When Jesus told Zacchaeus that he was going to stay at his house, Zacchaeus was filled with joy. He repented of his sins and promised to give away half of his possessions to the poor. He also promised to pay back four times over anyone he had cheated.

Zacchaeus was an unlikely candidate for salvation, but Jesus reached out to him anyway. Sometimes we feel like we are too far gone for God to forgive us, but that is not true.

If we repent of our sins and turn to God, he will forgive us and save us from our sinful lifestyle. Just as he did with Zacchaeus!