3 Interesting Facts About Ezra

For Baby Boomers who grew up attending Sunday school, the name “Ezra” likely conjures up images of a rather dull and stodgy book from the Old Testament.

However, there is much more to this biblical figure than meets the eye.

Here are 3 interesting facts about Ezra that you may not know:
1. Ezra was a highly educated man who had studied the law of Moses diligently. He was also a skilled scribe who was well-versed in the Hebrew language. From Ezra 7:6, we know that he had been commissioned by to teach the law of God to any who were willing to learn.
2. In Ezra chapter 8, we learn that Ezra led a large group of Jewish exiles back to Jerusalem from Babylon. This group included not only men, but also women and children. Ezra’s mission was to help them settle into their new lives and rebuild the city of Jerusalem according to the law of God.
3. The book of Ezra ends on a high note, with the people of Israel repenting of their sins and recommitting themselves to obeying the Lord. It’s clear from reading this book that revival often comes at a heavy price, but it is worth it when God’s people are brought back into right relationship with Him.
The next time you think about the book of Ezra, don’t be too quick to write it off as boring or irrelevant. This small book contains some powerful lessons about revival, obedience, and faithfulness. May we all learn from the example of this incredible biblical figure.